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14kt White 2.5mm Square Men's Channel Set Band Mounting

Item #: 123133:615:P
14kt White 2.5mm Square Men's Channel Set Band Mounting
Jewelry State Set
Quality 14kt White
Finished State Polished
Description 14kt White Men'S Channel Set Band

Price $767.12

Customization Options

Finger Size

Price: $ 767.12


Product Details


Weight: 4.3275 DWT(6.73 grams)
Length: 25.38 mm
Width: 3.98 mm
Approximate Finger Size: 11
Height: 25.37 mm
Metal Quality: 14KW
Shank Base Width: 3.98 mm
Top Height: 2.37 mm
Shank Base Thickness: 2.37 mm
Shoulder Height: 2.37 mm
Shoulder Width: 3.97 mm
Surface Finish: Polished
Primary Stone Shape: Square
Jewelry Material Type1: Gold
Metal Purity1: 14k
Metal Color1: White
Primary Stone Size: 2.5 x 2.5 mm
Top Dimensions: 3.97 mm
Price: $ 767.12
Quality: 14kt White
Stone Size: 02.50 mm
Item Number: 123133:615:P


Item Number Quality Diamond CTW Width Description Price Option
123133:536:P 10kt Rose $290.82 Select
123133:551:P 10kt Rose $308.34 Select
123133:566:P 10kt Rose $321.78 Select
123133:581:P 10kt Rose $356.72 Select
123133:596:P 10kt Rose $415.16 Select
123133:611:P 10kt Rose $467.70 Select
123133:626:P 10kt Rose $539.76 Select
123133:641:P 10kt Rose $600.68 Select
123133:656:P 10kt Rose $665.40 Select
123133:671:P 10kt Rose $767.38 Select
123133:686:P 10kt Rose $843.58 Select
123133:701:P 10kt Rose $923.04 Select
123133:716:P 10kt Rose $1,091.12 Select
123133:731:P 10kt Rose $1,363.14 Select
123133:746:P 10kt Rose $1,582.30 Select
123133:761:P 10kt Rose $1,814.36 Select
123133:537:P 10kt White $298.76 Select
123133:552:P 10kt White $315.44 Select
123133:567:P 10kt White $328.26 Select
123133:582:P 10kt White $361.52 Select
123133:597:P 10kt White $417.18 Select
123133:612:P 10kt White $467.22 Select
123133:627:P 10kt White $535.84 Select
123133:642:P 10kt White $593.86 Select
123133:657:P 10kt White $655.48 Select
123133:672:P 10kt White $752.60 Select
123133:687:P 10kt White $825.20 Select
123133:702:P 10kt White $900.86 Select
123133:717:P 10kt White $1,060.92 Select
123133:732:P 10kt White $1,319.98 Select
123133:747:P 10kt White $1,528.70 Select
123133:762:P 10kt White $1,749.70 Select
123133:538:P 10kt Yellow $288.84 Select
123133:553:P 10kt Yellow $306.22 Select
123133:568:P 10kt Yellow $319.58 Select
123133:583:P 10kt Yellow $354.24 Select
123133:598:P 10kt Yellow $412.22 Select
123133:613:P 10kt Yellow $464.36 Select
123133:628:P 10kt Yellow $535.84 Select
123133:643:P 10kt Yellow $596.28 Select
123133:658:P 10kt Yellow $660.50 Select
123133:673:P 10kt Yellow $761.68 Select
123133:688:P 10kt Yellow $837.30 Select
123133:703:P 10kt Yellow $916.12 Select
123133:718:P 10kt Yellow $1,082.90 Select
123133:733:P 10kt Yellow $1,352.80 Select
123133:748:P 10kt Yellow $1,570.28 Select
123133:763:P 10kt Yellow $1,800.50 Select
123133:539:P 14kt Rose $417.88 Select
123133:554:P 14kt Rose $444.20 Select
123133:569:P 14kt Rose $464.42 Select
123133:584:P 14kt Rose $516.92 Select
123133:599:P 14kt Rose $604.74 Select
123133:614:P 14kt Rose $683.68 Select
123133:629:P 14kt Rose $791.96 Select
123133:644:P 14kt Rose $883.48 Select
123133:659:P 14kt Rose $980.74 Select
123133:674:P 14kt Rose $1,133.98 Select
123133:689:P 14kt Rose $1,248.50 Select
123133:704:P 14kt Rose $1,367.88 Select
123133:719:P 14kt Rose $1,620.44 Select
123133:734:P 14kt Rose $2,029.20 Select
123133:749:P 14kt Rose $2,358.54 Select
123133:764:P 14kt Rose $2,707.22 Select
123133:540:P 14kt White $425.06 Select
123133:555:P 14kt White $450.50 Select
123133:570:P 14kt White $470.04 Select
123133:585:P 14kt White $520.76 Select
123133:600:P 14kt White $605.60 Select
123133:615:P 14kt White $681.88 Select
123133:630:P 14kt White $786.50 Select
123133:645:P 14kt White $874.94 Select
123133:660:P 14kt White $968.90 Select
123133:675:P 14kt White $1,116.98 Select
123133:690:P 14kt White $1,227.62 Select
123133:705:P 14kt White $1,342.98 Select
123133:720:P 14kt White $1,587.00 Select
123133:735:P 14kt White $1,981.96 Select
123133:750:P 14kt White $2,300.18 Select
123133:765:P 14kt White $2,637.06 Select
123133:541:P 14kt Yellow $413.52 Select
123133:556:P 14kt Yellow $439.54 Select
123133:571:P 14kt Yellow $459.52 Select
123133:586:P 14kt Yellow $511.40 Select
123133:601:P 14kt Yellow $598.20 Select
123133:616:P 14kt Yellow $676.26 Select
123133:631:P 14kt Yellow $783.28 Select
123133:646:P 14kt Yellow $873.76 Select
123133:661:P 14kt Yellow $969.88 Select
123133:676:P 14kt Yellow $1,121.36 Select
123133:691:P 14kt Yellow $1,234.56 Select
123133:706:P 14kt Yellow $1,352.56 Select
123133:721:P 14kt Yellow $1,602.22 Select
123133:736:P 14kt Yellow $2,006.28 Select
123133:751:P 14kt Yellow $2,331.82 Select
123133:766:P 14kt Yellow $2,676.48 Select
123133:543:P 18kt Rose $646.70 Select
123133:558:P 18kt Rose $688.88 Select
123133:573:P 18kt Rose $721.26 Select
123133:588:P 18kt Rose $805.38 Select
123133:603:P 18kt Rose $946.08 Select
123133:618:P 18kt Rose $1,072.60 Select
123133:633:P 18kt Rose $1,246.06 Select
123133:648:P 18kt Rose $1,392.74 Select
123133:663:P 18kt Rose $1,548.54 Select
123133:678:P 18kt Rose $1,794.10 Select
123133:693:P 18kt Rose $1,977.60 Select
123133:708:P 18kt Rose $2,168.88 Select
123133:723:P 18kt Rose $2,573.56 Select
123133:738:P 18kt Rose $3,228.52 Select
123133:753:P 18kt Rose $3,756.22 Select
123133:768:P 18kt Rose $4,314.88 Select
123133:544:P 18kt White $637.08 Select
123133:559:P 18kt White $677.20 Select
123133:574:P 18kt White $708.02 Select
123133:589:P 18kt White $788.02 Select
123133:604:P 18kt White $921.88 Select
123133:619:P 18kt White $1,042.24 Select
123133:634:P 18kt White $1,207.28 Select
123133:649:P 18kt White $1,346.82 Select
123133:664:P 18kt White $1,495.02 Select
123133:679:P 18kt White $1,728.64 Select
123133:694:P 18kt White $1,903.20 Select
123133:709:P 18kt White $2,085.16 Select
123133:724:P 18kt White $2,470.16 Select
123133:739:P 18kt White $3,093.22 Select
123133:754:P 18kt White $3,595.26 Select
123133:769:P 18kt White $4,126.74 Select
123133:545:P 18kt Yellow $646.70 Select
123133:560:P 18kt Yellow $688.88 Select
123133:575:P 18kt Yellow $721.26 Select
123133:590:P 18kt Yellow $805.38 Select
123133:605:P 18kt Yellow $946.08 Select
123133:620:P 18kt Yellow $1,072.60 Select
123133:635:P 18kt Yellow $1,246.06 Select
123133:650:P 18kt Yellow $1,392.74 Select
123133:665:P 18kt Yellow $1,548.54 Select
123133:680:P 18kt Yellow $1,794.10 Select
123133:695:P 18kt Yellow $1,977.60 Select
123133:710:P 18kt Yellow $2,168.88 Select
123133:725:P 18kt Yellow $2,573.56 Select
123133:740:P 18kt Yellow $3,228.52 Select
123133:755:P 18kt Yellow $3,756.22 Select
123133:770:P 18kt Yellow $4,314.88 Select
123133:542:P 14kt X1 White $416.34 Select
123133:557:P 14kt X1 White $441.86 Select
123133:572:P 14kt X1 White $461.46 Select
123133:587:P 14kt X1 White $512.36 Select
123133:602:P 14kt X1 White $597.52 Select
123133:617:P 14kt X1 White $674.06 Select
123133:632:P 14kt X1 White $779.04 Select
123133:647:P 14kt X1 White $867.80 Select
123133:662:P 14kt X1 White $962.08 Select
123133:677:P 14kt X1 White $1,110.68 Select
123133:692:P 14kt X1 White $1,221.70 Select
123133:707:P 14kt X1 White $1,337.46 Select
123133:722:P 14kt X1 White $1,582.34 Select
123133:737:P 14kt X1 White $1,978.68 Select
123133:752:P 14kt X1 White $2,298.00 Select
123133:767:P 14kt X1 White $2,636.08 Select
123133:547:P Platinum $1,073.36 Select
123133:562:P Platinum $1,142.20 Select
123133:577:P Platinum $1,195.06 Select
123133:592:P Platinum $1,332.30 Select
123133:607:P Platinum $1,561.94 Select
123133:622:P Platinum $1,768.40 Select
123133:637:P Platinum $2,051.48 Select
123133:652:P Platinum $2,290.84 Select
123133:667:P Platinum $2,545.12 Select
123133:682:P Platinum $2,945.84 Select
123133:697:P Platinum $3,245.28 Select
123133:712:P Platinum $3,557.44 Select
123133:727:P Platinum $4,217.88 Select
123133:742:P Platinum $5,286.72 Select
123133:757:P Platinum $6,147.86 Select
123133:772:P Platinum $7,059.60 Select
123133:548:P Sterling Silver $124.16 Select
123133:563:P Sterling Silver $124.46 Select
123133:578:P Sterling Silver $124.68 Select
123133:593:P Sterling Silver $125.24 Select
123133:608:P Sterling Silver $126.22 Select
123133:623:P Sterling Silver $127.08 Select
123133:638:P Sterling Silver $128.26 Select
123133:653:P Sterling Silver $129.26 Select
123133:668:P Sterling Silver $130.34 Select
123133:683:P Sterling Silver $132.02 Select
123133:698:P Sterling Silver $133.26 Select
123133:713:P Sterling Silver $134.58 Select
123133:728:P Sterling Silver $137.34 Select
123133:743:P Sterling Silver $141.82 Select
123133:758:P Sterling Silver $145.44 Select
123133:773:P Sterling Silver $149.26 Select
123133:546:P Continuum Silver $137.88 Select
123133:561:P Continuum Silver $138.42 Select
123133:576:P Continuum Silver $138.84 Select
123133:591:P Continuum Silver $139.92 Select
123133:606:P Continuum Silver $141.74 Select
123133:621:P Continuum Silver $143.38 Select
123133:636:P Continuum Silver $145.62 Select
123133:651:P Continuum Silver $147.52 Select
123133:666:P Continuum Silver $149.54 Select
123133:681:P Continuum Silver $152.72 Select
123133:696:P Continuum Silver $155.08 Select
123133:711:P Continuum Silver $157.56 Select
123133:726:P Continuum Silver $162.80 Select
123133:741:P Continuum Silver $171.26 Select
123133:756:P Continuum Silver $178.08 Select
123133:771:P Continuum Silver $185.32 Select

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